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    Permanent Cosmetics or Micropigmentation is a valuable option for women who cannot wear traditional makeup due to issues with skin  sensitivities or allergies, visual impairment or dexterity problems that make applying makeup difficult. The benefits of Permanent Cosmetics is it is permanent.  You wake up looking as beautiful as the day before.


    Eyebrows are shaped to your preference, they can look subtle or dramatic.  Numbing cream is applied to your brows before the procedure and reapplied throughout the process.  Color is selected by mixing the highest quality pigments and applied topically to your forehead to see how your skin tone changes the color once it dries.  This process may have to be repeated to find the color that best suits you.  Eyebrows can take up to 3 hours and the cost is $450.00.


    Eyeliner can be applied in a fine line following your lash line or thicker depending on your preference.  Pigment can also be applied as dots to upper or lower lids between lash hairs to enhance eyelashes if you prefer not to have a solid line.  Colors used can be black or brown and won’t smudge like traditional eyeliner can.  It’s perfect for the person who has difficulty applying eyeliner and for the active person who wants to look their best while exercising and swimming.  Numbing ointment is applied prior to the procedure.  Price for upper and lower eyelids is $400.00. Upper or Lower lids only is $250.00.

    Blended Lip Liner

    Blended lip liner is a perfect option for the woman who’s lips have become faded or pale with age or just have thin lips.  Fuller more defined lips can be created to look natural or more dramatic with the colors chosen to your preference.  Applying pigment  lip liner can correct uneven lips and hide scars.  Numbing the lips prior to the procedure is fairly easy and numbing solution is applied throughout the procedure. Initially after the procedure your lips appear red with some swelling, but the color and swelling will resolve within 3 days following the procedure. Blended Lip Liner can also take up to 3 hours and the cost is $450.00.


    Breast Pigmentation is intended for the person who has undergone breast surgery.  Pigment to the nipple can hide scars from breast reduction or augmentation.  A three dimensional nipple can be created to look like a natural looking nipple for someone who has had a mastectomy. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of breast pigmentation which costs $325.00 per breast.


    Scalp Micropigmentation is a fabulous alternative for expensive hair transplants. Needle clusters implant pigment into the scalp as hair follicles giving color to the scalp where there is missing hair.  Color is matched to your hair color and will appear as natural stubble to the bald head or fills in thinning areas so the scalp is not visible.  This procedure can also hide scalp scars.  Numbing cream is used.  Cost of this procedure is $750.00 to $1500.00 depending on the severity of baldness.  With care and protection from the sun this procedure lasts 5-8 years.  Without care or excessive sun exposure a touch up may be needed in about 2-3 years.

    Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a regenerative solution obtained by your own blood that is reintroduced into your skin by micro-needling or injection. PRP reduces wrinkles by increasing collagen production, reduces scarring and stimulates hair growth. This process can make you look younger naturally with no down time. The results are long-lasting.